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Check out this Sway! ” Our journey through The Enchanted Kingdom”

After a term looking at Africa, Year 5 soon became the experts of the school. To share our knowledge and expertise, group chose, planned, resourced and delivered workshops to the rest of the school focusing on areas such as cooking, geography of Africa, art, drama/ storytelling, learning Swahili and dancing. Teachers were then asked to book time slots over two days for their class to attend and evaluate the sessions.

Source: Check out this Sway! ” Our journey through The Enchanted Kingdom”

Year 1 Enchanted Kingdom Evaluation using OneNote- Beth Tallett

Beth Tallett, a Year 1 teacher, wrote the following post on how she used OneNote to capture children’s evaluation of the recent Enchanted Kingdom topic.

“The children thought about what they had learnt over the last few weeks and then as a class we answered the evaluation using OneNote online. Both classes were given the same questions so as to compare responses and OneNote made it easier to collate the children’s thoughts and ideas. The class thought about how they could improve the The Enchanted Kingdom film and I was really surprised at their mature ideas. One child said the it could be improved by “dressing up as explorers again because we have actually been explorers, exploring the ‘Mercurial Waters’ “.

Another child said “it would have been nice to include some drumming in the film because we did some drumming in the workshop on the first day”.

It showed me that the children had a clear learning journey and had made links between all of the things we have done this term.

Furthermore, I feel the ‘Enchanted Kingdom’ has inspired the children to be more curious and adventurous learners, with 16 children wanting to now visit Africa. When the children were asked this question at the beginning of the topic only ‘7’ children wanted to go.