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Year 3, using OneNote in grammar lessons #MIEExpert

In Year 3 at Simon de Senlis, the children are working on improving their sentence structure and writing through weekly discreet grammar lessons. This week, we focused on extending simple sentences which only contain a noun and verb and up-levelling them by adding in adjectives, adverbs and conjunctions to add information.

In Monday’s lesson, the children enjoyed writing their sentences on strips of paper and playing around with sentence structure including adding in those all important fronted adverbials!

During Wednesday’s lesson, the children could then further apply their skills by working in small groups on the devices using OneNote.

In the content library a simple sentence, ‘The she-wolf looked.’ had been left for them. The children copied and pasted these into a page in the collaboration space and up-levelled the sentences using a range of grammar techniques.

During the lesson, I was able to select children’s work to show on the interactive whiteboard and give timely and relevant feedback as they worked. The children could also easily magpie each other’s ideas for inspiration and assist each other if problems occurred. They changed the text colour to purple to show where they had amended the sentences.

There are a number of ‘expert’ children in the class who feel confident with using Office365 and were able to share their expertise with others during the session.¬†image.

This is a fantastic learning tool to have in the classroom and easily accessible to children in Year 3 who are only 7 and 8 years old!

Laura Holland #MIEExpert



Sds Coders #MIEExpert


The Simon de Senlis coders have been hard at work on their Scratch project for a local coding competition run in collaboration with Code Club. The aim is to produce a game that promotes energy saving in school and the children earn points for the quantity and quality of the coding as well as adding variables such as a timer and a scoring system.

The group have decided to add some information about each energy saving device or method they have included.  They set up a group on Office 365 to communicate and add documents and information they have collected and to comment on their progress so far.

The team have been collaborating well and we will be using Office Mix to video the game so we can share how the game works with the judges.