PowerPoint Online through O365

Over the past week, the children of Year 5 have been using O365 to present research they collated through the recent survey on perceptions of Africa. http://microsoft.simondesenlisblogs.org/2015/06/26/enchanted-kingdom-africa-immersion-making-a-dent-in-the-universe-with-Microsoft/

In particular, they have focused on using PowerPoint online which, at first, I though was no different to the programme you find on your desktop. However it did not take long for the children of Einstein Class to discover the unique functions and how it could help them to complete their work more efficiently.

The outline of their task was to create three slides: One which detailed the outcomes of the survey, one that provided statistics to support this outcome and lastly, one to showcase alternative options to help change the perception of people. Children were grouped into threes and without prompted, started to create their final outcome. Five minutes into the lesson it was clear that three children working around one device was no productive and therefore groups were asked to share their original document with all members of the group. This was a turning point in the lesson. Within minutes, children were working on individual devices  on the same presentation. Notifications were shown when other individuals were editing a page and identified by colours linked to users (see image below). A very handy feature which has transformed my use of PowerPoint in the classroom!

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