Sharing our persuasive writing with Year 4 on O365 – By Amelie and Thasnim

Over the last few weeks, we have used Office 365 to document our work on persuasion. For the first lesson, Miss Coade asked us to write a letter of persuasion so she could see what we already knew. Our task was to write to the governors asking whether we could complete our ‘Grow a Pound’ unit during school time and at break.

initial assessment

In the same lesson we were given examples of persuasive writing to highlight the features of persuasion on. This was much easier than Miss Coade making 30 copies of sheets and handing them out.  She put them on the collaboration area and we copied them into our own sections. It also saves mother nature’s loving trees. We chose a consistent colour code and everyone highlighted on their individual workspace areas in the class OneNote. Using what we had identified, we created a Success Criteria and went back to up level our first letter in purple text. (This is the same as the purple pen of power in our books!) Having the devices and using Office 365 made life much easier than the good old fashioned pen and paper. It was easier to highlight, up-level and move sentences around without having to re-write it out again. Up-leveling in our books causes stress and is quite difficult as well as time consuming.


Not only did we work online throughout the week during lessons, but our homework was set on 0365!

In topic time, we spent time researching the Ivory trade which links to our unit on Africa. Together as a class we came up with the idea to write to a government in a country within Africa and make them aware of these issues, as well as provide suggestions on why it should be stopped. We logged into the class OneNote and recorded our facts in the correct section so we could use it in our writing at the end of the unit. Before we would have written it on pieces of paper and lost it! There were some times however when we needed to use paper, for example when planning.


Finally for the magic! We spent the last week writing up our letters and up levelling what we had written. We looked back at the Success Criteria and used each one as a focus for each day. This included looking at openers, the language used, the structure and the ideas.

Once complete, we shared our work over 0365 to Year 4 and visited them to see what they thought of our writing. We listened carefully to their feedback and they left comments focusing on what went well (WWW) and what they would improve (EBI) in green text which is the same as in our books.


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