Bing Translator in the classroom


What Microsoft say…

The Translator App by Microsoft is your companion when you need to quickly translate what you are looking at. Use your camera, say phrase or just type the text you want to translate. Text and camera translation work offline with downloadable language packs, so you can get the power of Translator on-the-go, even when you don’t have an Internet connection.

  • Text translation – Type and translate text into more than 45 languages
  • Camera translation – Translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any printed text with your device’s camera in an instant
  • Voice translation -Translate by just speaking the phrase. Voice translation requires a network connection
  • Text to speech – Hear translations spoken with a native speaker’s accent
  • Offline translation – Translate when you are not connected to the Internet and when you want to avoid expensive data roaming charges by using downloadable offline language packs
  • Translate from anywhere – Translate text from other Windows Store apps using the Share charm. Just select and share
  • Multitask with Snap View – Translate quickly while doing other tasks by snapping Translator to the right or left of your screen
  • Word of the Day – Improve your vocabulary by pinning the Translator to your Start screen
  • History – Saves your translations and lets you edit them

How Bing Translator has enhanced learning at Simon de Senlis…

Nicanor is Romanian and has recently joined Simon de Senlis primary school with no English. As a way of allowing him opportunities to access work that is being set, the class teachers has used the Bing Translator APP on the Windows 8 Surface tablets to translate typed text so that he understands the task. This enables him to become more independent and facilitates his learning, therefore meaning he isn’t so dependent upon adults or his peers to explain the task to him. Although the Surface tablet helps him read and understand the task, he chooses to write his response in English, thereby developing his confidence and his attention and focus in class. What is unique about this app is that it has in built camera translation which allows the user to hover the device over a piece of text whilst overlapping it with the translation on the screen. This not only saves time in typing the text in, but also allows links between a child’s home language and the English words.


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