Teacher-TA communication on OneNote – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

Recently in Year 5, we have decided to use OneNote to plan units for Literacy and Topic. This in itself solves many day to day problems which you can read more about at http://microsoft.simondesenlisblogs.org/2015/03/13/year-5-planning-on-onenote-charlotte-coade/

Not only does it make the sharing and editing of planning  between teachers easier but we have found that this has also impacted on other members of the team including TA’s. Planning has always regularly been emailed to members of the team on a Sunday night for them to read through before the week. However this is not always appropriate. What happens if lessons change mid week and take a different direction? Or the focus group changes to target misconceptions? It is important to efficiently communicate throughout the week as the units develop and before this would have meant re-emailing planning, printing it off or leaving post-it notes with vague annotations (how much can you actually fit on a post-it note?). Often is difficult to allocate time to discuss lessons before they actually happen or in fact after. We have found that using OneNote to plan has addressed some of these main issues. Planning is shared through O365 where all members of staff can witness live updates and changes as they happen throughout the week.

There have also been many examples where TA’s have used this set up as an opportunity for them to feedback to teachers on things that they have noticed in the lesson which may not have acknowledged at the time. This feedback is invaluable and along with work from the book, provides a full picture of how the lesson went and comments on individual children.

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