Sway – Emily-Jane

WOW! I never thought that there was an even quicker way to presentations than PowerPoint ,but I guess I was wrong.

Today in class we were told that we would be creating presentations using Sway. Now none of us had ever used Sway before so we were very excited to see what it was like. After a few minutes of being logged on to the class account that Miss Coade had kindly created we were taken back by the many great features that it included: Remix where we could explore the different layout, videos, pictures and many more. Sway is fun and useful and I look forward to more features in the future. We couldn’t believe how much we could achieve in 40 minutes considering it was the first time we had used it!

As this was our first lesson, we used it to explore some of the features and link it to our topic on Africa. Next week we will be continuing with work on Sway but create one around the issue of E-safety and how we can stay safe when using the internet.


Year 5

Click on the link below for some of our Sways:


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