My review of the sway! By Millie (Y5)

Dear Microsoft,                                                                           22/04/2015

Today my class and I made a Sway in our computing lesson and this is my review of it!
I think it is an amazing programme! I love how simple, quick and easy to use. In my opinion, it is better than a Power Point in. Sway has a bright future and I rate the sway 9.9/10. This is because I can easily use the search tool to find videos and pictures which are linked to the topic I am looking at, without me opening a separate window. I can then click on it and it appears on my timeline.
In class I asked a question about whether the software has a sound button where you can record your own voice and embed it in the Sway. I would recommend this being considered as an extra function as I can’t see how else it can be done. Can you help me?. I hope you thought my feedback was useful and if you want to comment feel free!
Signed Millie
Y5 Einstein
Simon de Senlis Primary school England.
sway 2

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