Homework on the OneNote – A teacher’s view (Charlotte Coade – Y5 teacher)

Since introducing O365 in Year 5, we have begun to use it as a way to complete homework and make links between school-home learning. We have found that it provides an opportunity for children to consolidate what they have explored during the school day and extend their knowledge further.

From a teacher’s perspective, setting and monitoring homework was a task in its self. The expectation for key skills at Simon de Senlis is that weekly Literacy and Numeracy work is set and collected in the following week. Whilst most of my children completed this, I found a greater uptake when tasks were set on blogs. Often children would forget their books, lose them or not receive the sheets due to illness.

Since working on the cloud, Year 5 are more enthusiastic about completing their homework and it has eliminated many of the previous problems listed above. Class OneNote provides children with their own section to complete tasks and take ownership of their own learning, with it almost being a virtual version of their previous key skills books. Each week, I type up the task on the collaboration page which everyone can access. They then simply copy it into their own section and complete the task. Often, I will go onto 0365 before the deadline each week and share some WAGOLL’s (What A Good One Looks Like) to provide inspiration to those who have yet to complete it.

It has also made the marking of the homework much more manageable and has meant that I am not taking 60 books home each week but instead can mark from the comfort of my own home by logging onto 0365 and provide meaningful 1:1 feedback.

For those children who do not have access to the internet at home, Tuesday lunchtimes are available to them to attend and complete the home work on one of the 60 Surfaces we have in the Year 5/6 area.

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