Homework on the OneNote – A Pupil’s view (Isaiah, Kieran and Lucy)

O365 has helped us to collaborate with other pupils around the class and has played a big part in our school  work. In particular, it has made a distinctive difference to us doing homework, and lets us do things that we could not do in our green homework books such as checking our spelling, working as a group, selecting fancy fonts, and up levelling our ideas. It also helps us to keep some work private that only the teachers and individual pupils can see.

Where as before if we put our green book in our bag and it got wet by our water bottle spilling, there was no way of ever getting it back! However with O365, if something accidentally gets deleted you can easily get it back by clicking the right version to restore.

It is a simple site to log onto at home, at work or anywhere. And if you have forgotten to do your homework you can simply log on in school time and you will finish your work easily. Uploading pictures, copying and pasting and doing our homework is much easier now. All we’re trying to say is thank you so much Microsoft. You have helped us make a dent in the universe.

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