Year 5 Planning on OneNote – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

The last week at Simon de Senlis has been very busy for all staff and prior commitments have meant that it has been difficult to squeeze in a Year 5 planning meeting. The recent decision to plan on OneNote, has meant that I could collaborate with my partner teacher and share ideas for the Literacy unit the following week. We each assigned ourselves a colour and contributed to the working document as and when we could (which would be changed to black as soon as we had read/ discussed/ agreed on the content.)

This has been a particularly useful tool for us and avoids us having multiple versions of a planning document every time it is updated and sent across. Sharing the link with Senior Management and Phase leaders has meant that planning can be easily tracked and monitored without it being sent on a weekly basis. It also allows for lessons to be updated and changed in real time to respond to the outcomes of the lesson.



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