Wonderful One Note – by Emily-Jane

You may not know but I have recently injured my hand. One note has been really useful way for me to keep all my lesson documents together. Office 365 allows me to message my teachers and keep track of my school work.
I enjoy being able to access my work from home and edit my mistakes. One of the best features is that only I can access my work. I think if everyone could correctly use Microsoft software, schools could improve teacher-pupil communication and I.C.T skills.
An example would be where instead of me doing my work and it getting lost I could easily upload my work to my one drive and email it to Miss Coade to be marked. Because of my injury, I have been able to do this with my work over the past week.
Year 5
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16 thoughts on “Wonderful One Note – by Emily-Jane”

  1. Hey there Emily-Jane, my name is Eran Megiddo and I am lead the team at Microsoft that develops OneNote. I stumbled across your post the other evening and really enjoy reading it. It always makes us happy to hear of how the products we build help people and especially students get things done.

    If you have any feedback for the OneNote team and product let me know. I can’t promise anything, but we always like to hear what folks want to see in future versions of the product.

    I hope you healing well,


    1. I think OneNote has helps learning at home because everyone can access it. I like it because no one can delete your work. I would improve OneNote by being able to change our background.

  2. Thanks for this comment Eran. I have just shared this with the Year 5 class and Emily herself to mass excitement! They are so pleased to hear from you and I have asked them to give you some feedback on this post around things they like about OneNote and any ‘Even Better Ifs’ that they can think of.

    Thanks once again for getting in touch.

    Tom Rees

  3. One note is brilliant!

    A way to improve in the future would be if on note was not just an application that you can access via the internet but a short cut when you first log on to your computer like word and power point.

    Like I said One Note is a Wonderful way to learn!

  4. I think one note is good because it has helped us develop our skills in group work and using tech. It also takes a big part in our literacy work and the class loves one note because it is a brilliant and fun way to learn. But in the future I would make it better when we do group work with it the words don’t come up quick enoff so when someone does right something it sometimes overlaps and you cant see peoples brilliant ideas. But apart from that it is a great use of learning

  5. One Note is brilliant!

    Its a good thing to improve are work. It can improve by making it not too complicated. The good thing about One Note is where you get your own privacy and no one can see what you are doing and not coping and also deleting your work. But One Note is a really great thing to use when you are doing your work.!

  6. Hi my name is Maesun.I love the One note it helps me with my literacy and spellings.One note also alows me to enjoy my literacy ,because I don’t really like literacy as much as maths!I am happy with the way that One note works but it would be nice if people could do maths on it easily too.You leed Microsoft in the best way possible.Thank you for everything you do,I appreciate all your hard work on One note the most.
    Bye Bye…

  7. I think that onenote can be improved by becoming a tab on the home screen of your computer to make it easier to access and log on to.
    I like how on the office 365 version that only the teacher can see your work unless we are working on the collaboration pages.
    I don’t know if this is possible but I think that it would be a good idea to be able to message children in other schools that are working on the same or similar topics to be able to share ideas.

  8. I agree that Onenote is a fantastic way to learn but I believe it can be improved by there being a shortcut so when had done your email and password where you can just type in a box Onenote and it take you strait t the Onenote . So I think that you should be able to take that shortcut instead of having to go to sites then team site then Simon de senlis then year 5 Einstein etc. So that is my idea for imrovment.

  9. I think that One note is brilliant. But if I could change 1 thing it would be the layout. It would be amazing if we had a personled profiles. We could have a new setting. Of our choice.

  10. One note to me is one of my favourites because your work is protected more than the last one, in the last one people could access your account and see what you are doing which I personally don’t like unlike the latest one only the teachers can access your account unless you are going on the collabaration page everyone can see what each and everyone can see what the teacher has uploaded onto the page and that’s my thought on the new and imroved one note

  11. I think that One note has been helpful for many different reasons. To start, it has been useful for homework because whenever we get given task, we can do it on office 365. It has also been easier to present our literacy work, instead of writing it in our book. And also no one else,(apart from yourself and your teacher) can alter your work.

  12. I love OneNote and office 365 it is great we can explore the web at school if you don’t have it at home! Moreover doing work at school and not finishing it you can carry it on at home! I prefer office 365 than one note because no one can delete my work on office 365 and I hope there is another app soon ! 🙂

  13. Hello everyone and sorry for the long delay in my response! Things got very busy here and it was spring vacation at schools and I was away from the office with my own 3 daughters for 10 days.

    I wanted to thank you all for the great feedback. I really enjoyed reading both the compliments and suggestions for OneNote. It’s great to hear that OneNote is helping you collaborate in groups. It is something we worked hard on and will continue to make better as well.

    Kieran, as you wrote, we need to improve how quickly things show up between students and we are working on that.

    Maesun and Emily-Jane thanks for your comments. Mr. Rees, from the comments from Emily-Jane and Maesun, I understand that you are using OneNote on the web? I ask because there is some pretty cool math functionality in the Windows desktop version, in case you haven’t tried it out? We are also considering adding those capabilities to the web version.

    Oliver, I really like your idea of being able to message with other students that are working on similar topics. Are you guys using Skype in the Class room at all?

    And for the last comment from James, similar to Emily-Jane it sounds like you are looking for a short-cut that would lead you directly to your notebook. Mr. Rees, I would be happy to follow-up to better understand how things are setup and whether we can help with this.

    Thanks again to everyone for sharing your thoughts and providing your feedback and compliments.


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