Homework on the OneNote – A Pupil’s view (Isaiah, Kieran and Lucy)

O365 has helped us to collaborate with other pupils around the class and has played a big part in our school  work. In particular, it has made a distinctive difference to us doing homework, and lets us do things that we could not do in our green homework books such as checking our spelling, working as a group, selecting fancy fonts, and up levelling our ideas. It also helps us to keep some work private that only the teachers and individual pupils can see.

Where as before if we put our green book in our bag and it got wet by our water bottle spilling, there was no way of ever getting it back! However with O365, if something accidentally gets deleted you can easily get it back by clicking the right version to restore.

It is a simple site to log onto at home, at work or anywhere. And if you have forgotten to do your homework you can simply log on in school time and you will finish your work easily. Uploading pictures, copying and pasting and doing our homework is much easier now. All we’re trying to say is thank you so much Microsoft. You have helped us make a dent in the universe.

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Homework on the OneNote – A teacher’s view (Charlotte Coade – Y5 teacher)

Since introducing O365 in Year 5, we have begun to use it as a way to complete homework and make links between school-home learning. We have found that it provides an opportunity for children to consolidate what they have explored during the school day and extend their knowledge further.

From a teacher’s perspective, setting and monitoring homework was a task in its self. The expectation for key skills at Simon de Senlis is that weekly Literacy and Numeracy work is set and collected in the following week. Whilst most of my children completed this, I found a greater uptake when tasks were set on blogs. Often children would forget their books, lose them or not receive the sheets due to illness.

Since working on the cloud, Year 5 are more enthusiastic about completing their homework and it has eliminated many of the previous problems listed above. Class OneNote provides children with their own section to complete tasks and take ownership of their own learning, with it almost being a virtual version of their previous key skills books. Each week, I type up the task on the collaboration page which everyone can access. They then simply copy it into their own section and complete the task. Often, I will go onto 0365 before the deadline each week and share some WAGOLL’s (What A Good One Looks Like) to provide inspiration to those who have yet to complete it.

It has also made the marking of the homework much more manageable and has meant that I am not taking 60 books home each week but instead can mark from the comfort of my own home by logging onto 0365 and provide meaningful 1:1 feedback.

For those children who do not have access to the internet at home, Tuesday lunchtimes are available to them to attend and complete the home work on one of the 60 Surfaces we have in the Year 5/6 area.

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A Celebration Assembly with a difference!

There was great excitement down the Year 5/6 corridor yesterday afternoon for a  Celebration Assembly that was different to any other one we had know before. Due to the drama studio being out of use, it meant that there was limited space in the hall for all children, staff and parents to fit in. Instead, both year groups attended the assembly in Mandela classroom – watching all of the events live via Skype. It also saw the teachers run down to the hall in relay to announce their star of the weeks before running back up again!

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Year 5 Planning on OneNote – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

The last week at Simon de Senlis has been very busy for all staff and prior commitments have meant that it has been difficult to squeeze in a Year 5 planning meeting. The recent decision to plan on OneNote, has meant that I could collaborate with my partner teacher and share ideas for the Literacy unit the following week. We each assigned ourselves a colour and contributed to the working document as and when we could (which would be changed to black as soon as we had read/ discussed/ agreed on the content.)

This has been a particularly useful tool for us and avoids us having multiple versions of a planning document every time it is updated and sent across. Sharing the link with Senior Management and Phase leaders has meant that planning can be easily tracked and monitored without it being sent on a weekly basis. It also allows for lessons to be updated and changed in real time to respond to the outcomes of the lesson.



Wonderful One Note – by Emily-Jane

You may not know but I have recently injured my hand. One note has been really useful way for me to keep all my lesson documents together. Office 365 allows me to message my teachers and keep track of my school work.
I enjoy being able to access my work from home and edit my mistakes. One of the best features is that only I can access my work. I think if everyone could correctly use Microsoft software, schools could improve teacher-pupil communication and I.C.T skills.
An example would be where instead of me doing my work and it getting lost I could easily upload my work to my one drive and email it to Miss Coade to be marked. Because of my injury, I have been able to do this with my work over the past week.
Year 5
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Photography with the Windows 8 surface tablets – Charlotte Coade (Y5 teacher)

This afternoon Year 5 visited the pod which has been transformed into a beach for our When A Knight Won his Spur (Part 2) unit.  The Windows 8 devices were used to capture different angles and crop the images to focus on particular details. Once we had returned to the classroom, we uploaded our photographs onto the Einstein OneNote. Over the next couple of weeks we will be watercolouring parts of these images to produce our final art outcome for the Simon de Senlis art gallery.



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